Key Action
pSave image
sToggle selection
dToggle transformation
tTranslate mode
rRotate mode
Right arrowNext configuration
Left arrowPrevious configuration
ctrl-sSave topology and configuration
ctrl-zUndo edit
ctrl-shift-z (or ctrl-y)Redo edit
ctrl-aSelect all elements
ctrl-iInvert selection
ctrl-clickSelect multiple elements
shift-clickSelect intermediate by gid
shift-alt-clickSelect intermediate by shortest path
ctrl-cCopy selection
ctrl-vPaste selection
ctrl-shift-vPaste selection in-place
Numpad1Move camera to x-axis (ctrl to invert)
Numpad2Rotate camera down
Numpad3Move camera to y-axis (ctrl to invert)
Numpad4Rotate camera left
Numpad5Reset camera
Numpad6Rotate camera right
Numpad7Move camera to z-axis (ctrl to invert)
Numpad8Rotate camera up
F1Show this list

The viewer supports live relaxation using ox-serve nodes.

List of available servers:

Pick a background color: Or upload a background image:

Save the current stucture to oxDNA configuration and/or topology files

3D Export Options
Backbone mesh
Nucleoside mesh
Connector mesh
Backbone connector mesh

Export flat hierarchy